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If you're looking for books about camping, especially for preschoolers and early readers, "Goodnight, Campsite" would be an ideal fit.

Do your students, kids, or grandkids love RVing? Great for RV gifts, as well! 

What sets the book apart:  While tent camping books abound, books about camping highlighting RVs are few and far between, and there is a real need in the market. 

  • Review:  "Great way to introduce kids to camping! Bought these for my nieces and nephews. I like that camping is introduced as a lifetime sport for all ages and includes both sexes. Boys and girls get to fish and hike and play outdoors when it's fun to be grubby and no mention of having to be big and tough or beautiful. Also love the little squirrel who pops up in each scene, and the campsite bingo...inventive." 5 Star Amazon review

  • Review:  "Cute book about camping! I'm reading this to my Pre-K class for our camping unit. Cute story and I loved the different ages and life stages of campers. Reminded me of my parents and their RV. Love the BINGO game at the end!" 5 Star Amazon review

  • Review:  "Fine introduction to camping for kids. Kids will see what there is to see and do at a campground, meet many different types of people who enjoy camping, the different types of sleeping quarters, cooking options, outdoor activities, etc. Nice to see a variety of different races represented." 5 Star Amazon review

Print version: Priced at $9.95, 8.5x8.5 inches in size, ​30 pages long, soft-cover, full-color illustrations

Kindle version: Priced at $1.99

"Goodnight, Campsite" Book Details

"Goodnight, Campsite" book cover, view of campground with RV campers